What Does a Home Inspector Look for?

A home inspector will be using an inspection to look for any problem with the house that a buyer would want to be aware of. Once a home is under contract, a home inspection is the best way for both the buyer and seller to find any issues with the home that need to be addressed. These could be significant repairs or even safety issues! Some of the most common issues that a home inspector will look for are:

 Electrical Issues 

A home inspector will make sure that the electrical aspects of the home are working properly. They can inspect the home’s electrical wires outside of the home that enter the electrical panel in the home to ensure that they are in working order. Typically, an inspector will check the panel itself and even look for trees and bushes that could interfere with wiring. 

Foundation Issues

A home inspector will also make sure that the home’s foundation is level and not cracked. A misaligned foundation is a costly repair that can significantly affect the condition of the home in the long run. Cracked foundations can also lead to flood or rain damage.

Plumbing Issues

All toilets, bathtubs, showers, and sinks will be thoroughly inspected during the home inspection. They will also be tested to make sure they are in working order! The water heaters, pipes, and flappers are all tested as well.

The Roof

If the weather permits it, an inspector will check the roof and see when it will need to be replaced. They will also check for warped or missing shingles as well as rain damage. 

Home inspections can last about two to four hours, and they can be a tremendous help to both parties in the selling process!

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