The Right Backsplash for Your Kitchen

saw wood

The right backsplash can completely change your kitchen space! While it may seem like a small update, the right combination of colors can really transform the kitchen.

Some styles to consider when updating your kitchen backsplash are:

1. Marble Looks: Marble backsplash can look so timeless and clean! It works with both contemporary and classical styles.

2. Sea Foam: If you want just a dash of color, sea foam green can sparkle in your kitchen. This color pairs well with other neutral colors in your kitchen.

3. Tuxedo: This is a classic style of black and white that can add some class to your kitchen! If you are looking for a unique look, try red appliances in your kitchen to make your space stand out.

4. Mosaic: If you are looking to add both texture and color, this style of back splash is perfect. This can be done yourself if you are looking for a DIY project this weekend!

5. Hexagon Shapes: Another way to add texture to your kitchen is through the shape of tile you use! Hexagon and herringbone patterns can change the dimension of the space. 

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