Is a Home Inspection Needed?

The short answer is no, home inspections are not always required. There is a little more nuance to this answer, however. Home inspections can be an investment when buying a home and they are highly recommended for a number of reasons:

Home Inspections Evaluate All Aspects of the House

If there is a major issue with the home, such as an unstable foundation or mold problem, it can be found during the inspection. These issues will take years to fix and a lot of money. This could deter you from purchasing the house altogether. 

Your Lender May Require It

A home inspection may not be required when using a mortgage loan to buy a home. You will more than likely need to have the home appraised, however, before a mortgage lender will agree to fund the loan. Appraisal is different than an inspection, as it is focused on the market value of the house rather than the condition. 

It is Not Costly

You do not need to break the bank to get a good home inspection done. Typically, the average home inspection will only cost $300-$400! That can be worth your peace of mind.

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