3 Renovations that Will Change Your Home


Looking to change things up in your home? It doesn’t take much to spruce up your space. Sometimes, just a fresh coat of paint and a few DIY projects will do the trick. While you may be new when it comes to DIY and home projects, don’t let it intimidate you! It can be easier than you think to get those small renovations done yourself. Take a closer look at the few DIY projects you can tackle this weekend to change up your home!

3 Home Renovations You Can Easily Do Yourself

DIY doesn’t need to be a hassle and it doesn’t have to be time consuming! In fact, you may be surprised to know that DIY projects can be easy and hassle-free. They may take a tiny bit of effort and a few trips to Home Depot,  but the results are often worth it! Take a look at these 3 home renovations you can easily do yourself.
  • Paint an Accent Wall: While this may seem like a small renovation, it can really change your space. The accent wall color should reflect the style of your home. Are you into the Bohemian  aesthetic? You may want to paint a sage green wall or even a soft mustard. If the modern look is your thing, why not try a black wall to create dimension? Play around with some color!
  • Create a Wall Backsplash: Is your bathroom a little plain? While some homeowners opt to have a small sink backsplash, why not take it a step further? Choose a complementary or contrasting tile pattern and get to work! It may be easier than you think to do yourself. Head to Home Depot or Lowe’s to pick up the tile and your tools!
  • Paint Your Doors: Are all the doors in your home white? While that is the current style, there are some new door trends hitting the aesthetic market! Black or gray doors have been extremely popular among young homeowners. Get the right type of paint for your doors and give this small renovation a try! 

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