Window Treatments to Enhance Natural Light

If homeowners want privacy, they add curtains or shades to their windows. The only problem is that adding window treatments can limit the natural light that comes into the home. Luckily, these gorgeous window treatments can be installed fairly easily and don’t disrupt the natural light flow.

  • Roman Shades

Roman shades are a chic window covering that consists of panels that can be stacked when unused. These shades come in all kinds of fabrics and materials. Natural woven bamboo shades allow privacy, but they still let the natural light shine through.

  • White Linen Curtains

A staple window treatment, adding white gauze linen curtains adds elegance to any room. The sheerness of the fabric allows the outdoor sun to shine through but still allows a sufficient amount of privacy.

  • Wood Blinds

These stunning blinds come in every color and wood. Wood blinds can be altered to allow additional light to filter through or closed for complete privacy. These blinds come in every decorative style and can be rustic, chic, or even homey.

  • Café Curtains

These curtains covert the bottom portion of your window and look absolutely adorable. Café curtains add a cozy element to your home and would be perfect in your kitchen or breakfast nook. They allow privacy by covering half the window but also let in tons of natural light.

  • Lace Decoupage

Lace is a timeless, elegant look that can help add some privacy to your home. By simply using cornstarch and some light fabric, you could easily add lovely lace decoupage to your window. Your room will be full of sunshine and you’ll have a lovely window treatment to admire. To remove, simply peel off the fabric.

  • Window Film

Window films come in all colors and textures. If you would like to add some art to your windows, window film is the perfect window treatment to try! You could try a 3D holographic film, a bamboo film, or even a classic stained glass design.

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