How Best to Utilize an Encinitas Realtor

Although as an Encinitas Realtor I am dedicated to communication with my clients, this is not the case with every Encinitas Realtor. I have heard from many of my clients with homes for sale in Encinitas that they have had trouble connecting with other Encinitas real estate agents. While this may very well be unacceptable behavior, there may be some issues standing in the way that a consumer has never considered.

This article details the reasons that real estate agents may not be picking up your phone calls. Here are some of the most common scenarios for miscommunications between the consumer and the agent.

  • Some real estate companies restrict their agents from putting their personal telephone number on for-sale signs, so if you should call the number and get a voicemail and no follow-up call, it may be due to the receptionist at the front desk and not necessarily the agent.
  • The phone number listed may be to a call center and not to an agency itself. Those who receive the call may have little to no background in real estate and essentially serve to direct calls to an agent, which will take them time.
  • A potential buyer may be impatient, expecting to sit outside of a home, call the agent, and immediately get a viewing. The agent may be busy with clients and so does not answer their phone, but instead of considering this they drive off frustrated.

As an Encinitas Realtor I am very dedicated to making myself available and at the ready for my clients, including taking their calls and calling them back as quickly as possible. You can learn more about my availability from actual clients right here.

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