Prices on Homes for Sale in Encinitas Rise

The month of July saw the rise of the Dark Knight, but it also saw prices on homes for sale in Encinitas rise as well. Homes for sale in Encinitas saw an increase in home prices, the first annual increase since January 2011, when compared with July 2011.

Encinitas homes saw inventory on houses decrease significantly in the area as well as a falling number of foreclosures and a significant increase in homebuyer confidence. Now sales prices have seen a substantial increase as a result of more bidding wars by potential buyers.

Prices in San Diego County for homes in Encinitas saw an improvement of 0.8% for year-over-year (meaning from July 2011 to July 2012). When compared to the previous month, prices locally saw an increase of 1.1%. The previous 18-month period had seen a continuous drop of prices year-over-year.

Nationally the Case-Shiller data showed that home prices were up 1.2% year-over-year and from month-to-month there was an increase of prices of 1.6% from June to July. Additionally, consumers are far more optimistic and sales of existing homes saw an increase of 8%.

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