10 Holiday Throw Pillows to Make Your Home More Festive

The easiest way to make your home more festive is to throw some throw pillows on your coach or armchair. Not only are they cozy, but they add flair and décor to your lovely home.

Throw pillows turn a house into a home by making it comfortable. This holiday season, add a few throw pillows to your guest bedrooms, living room, and bedroom to spread cheer!

  • Snowman: This oversized white pillow is so cute, featuring a hat wearing snowman! With embroidered details, this pillow is crafted from 100% cotton fabric!
  • Thanksgiving 4-Pack: This four pack of throw pillow covers are Thanksgiving themed and gorgeous! Featuring fall leaves and cute sayings, what more could you want!
  • LED Reindeer: This lovely light up pillow also plays the song “Jingle Bells.” Your family will undoubtedly admire your throw pillows if you add this colorful one to the mix.
  • Coastal Winter: Live in California or by the ocean? This pillow would fit perfectly with your coastal décor! This stunning white throw says “Christmas by the Sea” with embroidered starfish and shells.
  • White LED Snowflake: Light up your home with this white and silver fuzzy pillow! It has sparkling LED lights so the snowflakes shine!
  • Colorful Baubles: This throw pillow features the saying “Happy Holidays” in Scrabble letters surrounded by colorful baubles! If you have neutral colored décor, this pillow is perfect as an accent piece!
  • Dog Christmas: Love pets? This adorable pillow features 5 dogs and a cat surrounding a Christmas tree. Absolutely amazing detailed embroidery!
  • Christmas Lights: This white throw pillow has a string of Christmas lights all over, which makes it both colorful and festive. This pillow could complement any pillows you already have in holiday colors.
  • Oversized Poinsettia: Is there any other flower more festive than a lovely red Poinsettia? This oversized pillow is white with a large red Poinsettia surrounded by green leaves.
  • Floral Noel: This teal colored throw has a red border and a floral design featuring the word “noel.” Amazing floral embroidery surrounds this holiday pillow, which makes it both chic and festive.
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