How to Use Color Psychology When Painting Your Home

Color is not only a way to liven up your living space, but an easy way to evoke emotion. Every color affects you differently, though you may not be aware of it.

If you plan on painting your interior or exterior walls, use color strategically to enhance certain emotions and increase your curb appeal. Take a look at how your favorite color affects you and determine how you want to feel when you’re in your home office or kitchen!

  • Red

The most intense color in the spectrum, red is eye-catching and bold. Red immediately captures the attention and evokes passion, excitement, action, and adventure. In primal times, humans believed red was the color of “energy and primal life forces.” Use red as an entry color or as the primary exterior color of your home for a wow factor.

  • Green

The color of nature and monetary value in America, green is associated with renewal, life, harmony, ambition, and growth. While blue is often associated with calm, green is considered a “relaxing color for the human eye to view” as well. Rejuvenate yourself in the morning by painting your kitchen green.

  • Yellow

Another intense color in the spectrum, yellow is generally considered a happy color. Yellow signifies sunshine, positivity, hope, clarity, and intellect. Research has have shown that yellow can be mentally stimulating. Back in 1917, a colorist named Howard Kemp Prossor at the Red Cross in London painted hospital walls yellow to help World War I soldiers recover from shell shock. Paint your office yellow and make everyday work less stressful.

  • Orange

A mix between red and yellow, orange is a finely balanced color that is associated with joy, creativity, stimulation, balance, and success. A warm color, orange could help individuals “recover from disappointments, a wounded heart, or a blow to one’s pride.” In studies, orange has been shown to increase contentment, increase socialization, and stimulate mental activity. Use orange wherever you desire feelings of creativity, such as a kid’s room.

  • Blue

The color of the sky and the ocean, blue is used to represent all sorts of emotions and meanings like imagination, wisdom, stability, intuition, intelligence, and faith. Blue affects you by making you feel serene and calm. Dark blues, however, can dampen one’s spirit. Blue is a popular color for bedrooms and bathrooms, due to the wide neutral color palette.

  • Purple

The color of luxury, purple is evocative of ambition, extravagance, peace, nobility, magic, and pride. Used to represent delicacy and romance, purple would look divine in your bedroom! In both warm and cool tones, purple painted walls can re-energize your space!

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