Hardwood Floor Trends in 2014


As the housing market is still trying to return to the once flourishing business it as, real estate in San Diego and all over the country has had a high demand of remodeling, luxury items and the always hot commodity: Hardwood floors.

Now that hardwood flooring has come to the forefront of being on most homebuyer’s wish list, this has influenced many new styles than in the past according to an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“Savvy consumers want variety and flexibility in their flooring choices,” said Linda Jovanovich of the American Hardwood Information Center to the Journal Sentinel. “With American hardwood species running the gamut of color and because hardwood is a product that can adapt to many different decorating styles and decors, hardwood provides a diversity, as well as long-term value that cannot be matched by any other flooring materials.

According to an independent marketing research firm specializing in trend watching: Market Insights Torcivia and the efforts of The National Wood Flooring Association, these are the styles that are trending now for hardwood flooring.

Being creative is an understatement:

·         Varying the species of wood to your floor is very popular, but in the main room using only one species is the way to go. Introducing and concocting different species as sort of a spectrum when moving into other rooms is also a good idea. Make the change subtle enough to change extreme colors though.

·         The difference in mixed hardwood is good in distinguishing the different rooms.

·         A non-linear format is popular when installing wood floors. You could get that look with custom parquet patters as well – so can traditional linear floors as long as you pattern the floor on a curve.

·         Darker wood species are becoming increasingly more popular, i.e. walnut and medium-colored white and red oak. Even if you have a lighter colored wood, home owners are getting their floor stained a darker color to get that look without having to replace the floor

·         The wider wooden plank flooring is a thing of the future, while the traditional 2 ¼ inch strip floor is old news. The randomization of planks is also a popular style. With more raw materials in the process of manufacturing, this gives the real estate in San Diego a more casual look

·         Distressed flooring is a way to give a vintage look by hand-scraping the board. This not only gives the floor a more antique look, but also could hide scratches, dents or any other imperfections.

Stains and Finishes

According to the National Wood Flooring Association, gray stains and finishes to as deep as metallic finishes are becoming increasingly popular.

The metallic material accent is a shimmered in the grain of the hardwood. The outcome of doing so gives a soft pronunciation and has become fairly popular in the West Coast already.

Red Oak Hardwood Floor with metallic finish

By Linda Moore

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