4 Tips for Choosing a Family-Friendly Home in Encinitas

When purchasing a home in Encinitas, it’s a more complex process when looking for a home to raise a family.

It’s important to find a home in Encinitas with an environment that is family-friendly because a home is much more than just a place for children to sleep, it should be a safe place to play, express themselves, and grow.

To size up a home’s potential for being child-friendly, parents or home buyers who are planning to start a family should know the following four tips when buying a home in Encinitas:

1. Size Does Matter

The size of your home is an important consideration when purchasing a family-freindly home in Encinitas. Children love to be noisy, enjoy to run around, they spread out all of their various toys, and turn their living space into their play area. A small home can result in extra headaches for the parents.

With a large living room and extra rooms that can become extra bedrooms, a playroom or game room would be much better suited to help a child thrive and keep them out from under their parent’s feet. Even if you don’t designate a single room for play, an extra room can be a room of serenity and peace away from busy family lifestyle.

2. Practical Use of the Home

Along with the size of the home, one should consider the size of their family. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Will the laundry room be large enough to fit the correct size washing machine and dryer? This is a necessity when there are active children consistently dirtying up their clothes, especially if they are involved in sports.
  • Are there a sufficient number of outlets for all of the computers, televisions and electronic items you and your children use?
  • Is there enough closet and storage space for all of your family’s things? Specifically, this is important as your children grow older.
  • If your entire family has a particular routine/schedule, will the kitchen and dining room area be large enough for you to cook and serve meals as well as accommodate any friends your children may want to invite over?
  • Does your family value time spent outdoors? Would a home with a large yard, patio, or even a pool help your family make the most of the outdoors?

3. Safety of the Home

‘Child-proofing’ your home is a concept anyone with young children knows about. For people who are planning to start of family, it’s something you should plan ahead for. Better safe than sorry.

For inside the home, consider the layout as well as the fixtures and furniture. Take the following questions as examples of what to concern yourself about:

  • Are you considering an Open Floor Plan for Your Home in Encinitas? It may help you keep an eye on your children while you are in the kitchen. If you have very young children, would an open floor plan make it difficult to childproof your home to prevent your children from accessing dangerous items?
  • Are there many built-in closets and storage areas in the home? You may want to make sure that each of these areas are childproofed so that the worst can’t happen during a game of hide and seek.
  • Are there many stairs? This can be cumbersome for toddlers to navigate, and cause extra stress and worry for the parents.
  • Do the countertops, tables, shelves and other furniture have dangerous corners?
  • Is all the electrical wiring and outlets properly done and out of reach for small children? Can you easily childproof them?
  • If the home has a large backyard, front yard, and/or pool, are they surrounded by a fence?

Safety concerns also extend past your own property, i.e. your neighbors and the overall neighborhood.

It would also be a smart to plan for emergencies:

  • How close are the nearest doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals?
  • How is traffic around the neighborhood and do people around follow the rules of the road?
  • How safe are the crosswalks and corners around the neighborhood?

Planning ahead and having answers to all of these questions can give you peace of mind in regards to your children’s well-being and safety.

4. School District

Where your home is located is crucial to where your children will be going to school. If you need help on what school district the particular homes you are looking at in the Encinitas area, you can contact me HERE.

Searching for a child-friendly home in Encinitas shouldn’t be thought of an impossible challenge, because your #1 real estate agent in Encinitas can help you find the perfect home for your family. 😉

By Linda Moore


Patricia-Anne Tom, “Got Kids? 4 Tips for a Family-Friendly House”


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