Tips on Finding the Best Contractor for Remodels

Remodeling the bathroom, updating to wood floors and getting rid of old carpet or replacing kitchen cabinetry are all good ideas when looking to modernize your San Diego real estate. An important factor besides doing these remodels are finding the best possible general contractor.

It’s essential to have a general contractor not only be reputable, but also obtain the ability to capture the vision you’re looking for. Here are a few tips on how you should you should measure your options when choosing the correct general contractor according to an article in La Jolla Light.

  1. Research the project: Before contacting any expert on remodeling, you need to research all of the changes you to want to be made. You want to have a concise plan of attack, so when you do find that general contractor of your choice, you will be able to know how to monitor the work being done. Also, finding out whether or not you will need a building permit is also crucial.
  2. References are necessary: To put your mind at ease, get reviews from other references. If the contractor has nothing to hide, then they will give you references without a doubt. Create a lists of the questions you want to ask the references, for example: How was the start time? How long did it take? Were they responsive when contacted? Was the mess cleaned up? How was the pricing? Was your feedback taken into account? It’s your house and you have the right to know what you’re getting yourself into.
  3. Get in touch with suppliers: Research the kitchen and bath showrooms, lumber yards and tile shops. Get to know the quality of the contractor’s work, and these suppliers will all know how reliable their work is.
  4. Licensed Contractors: Unlicensed contractors may be cheaper with rates, but it’s not worth it. Contractors who lack their license, may not follow through with the terms you agreed upon. Then you won’t be able to take him or her to court. License contractors has passed the business management test and has the minimum amount of experience. License contractors have had to take a criminal history background check and won’t have unresolved contracting complaints. Your back is covered however if a contractor doesn’t follow through with their work, and you could apply to the residential contractors’ recover fund and file a complaint on the license of the contractor.
  5. Patience is a virtue: Many good contractors cannot start right away. Take it easy, and allow the time needed to receive their assistance.

By Linda Moore


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