5 Easy Home Upgrades

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You’ve been in your home for seven years now, and it is beginning to feel a bit predictable, and to some standards, boring. You don’t want to renovate your entire living space, but you are open to simpler modifications. Below are five easy home upgrades to consider for a fresh new look to your home.

#1: Upgrade with Paint

The walls of your home are in direct correlation to the personality of your home. White walls represent fresh and classic styles. Grey walls can have a cooler tone, while yellow walls can promote happiness. Think about the rooms in your house people frequently visit. Are your guests likely to conjugate in the living room where the television is located, or do they seem to favor the kitchen? Whichever rooms are the most occupied, try adding a paint color that conveys a message of beauty, peace, and tranquility.

#2: Upgrade the Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets tell the story of the kitchen. Typically, light brown wood implies that you likely have not remodeled it in a long time. Smooth and sleek dark brown cherrywood implies that your kitchen has a homelike yet sophisticated feel. White cabinets are seen as trendy and chic, but too much white in the kitchen can begin to feel cold and unwelcoming. Choose kitchen cabinets that best fit the stage you’re at in life. 

#3: Upgrade Your Home With a New Patio

In the summertime, your patio is going to be the main attraction of your guests. It’s easy to neglect your patio space in the winter months, but as the weather begins to change, so should your patio. Pay someone to simply restain the wood, or add some new comfortable outdoor furniture. Remember: the more inviting and user-friendly your patio is, the better.

#4: Upgrade Your Home With New Flooring

Throughout the years it is understandable to experience unsightly streaks and scratches on the floors of your home. A simple and easy way to upgrade the appeal of your house is to redo the floors. This can mean simply waxing the wood floors, and placing new tile down in the bathroom. Clean and neat floors add to the sophistication and overall cleanliness of your home. Start off by waxing the wood, and notice how your guests won’t be able to stop complimenting you. Once you received the desired results, move to the bathroom and decide which style of flooring would work best in there.

#5: Upgrade Your Home With New Backsplash

This is simple, but fun. Having a fun and eye-catching backsplash can take the most boring kitchen and transform it into a work of art. Keep the color of the backsplash in harmony with the color scheme in your kitchen, but play around with texture and shapes. Have you considered having white horizontal brick as your backsplash, or what about faux marble to complement your countertops? Orange or yellow could also work if you have vibrant floral centerpieces. Having a unique backsplash is one of the few ways to play around with creativity in your kitchen while maintaining its poise and sophistication.

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