How Do I Write a Letter to the Seller?

In today’s market, writing a letter to the seller is often a necessity. A letter to the seller can change your offer and make it more appealing! While it may seem daunting to write a letter with your offer, it can be simple.

Here are a few tricks to make the process easier:
1. Appeal to Their Emotions: While you do not need to write your entire life story, it can help to appeal to the emotions of your seller. If this is your dream home and you are moving your family there, share that! Building a connection is the most important part of your letter.
2. Keep it Short: A seller will likely not want to read an entire manifesto. Keep it short, but impactful!
3. Proofread it: The biggest mistake that a lot of buyers make when writing a letter to the seller is forgetting to proofread! This can undermine your credibility and ruin the letter.
4. Don’t Include Your Remodeling Plans: If you do have plans to remodel the home, do not include them! Many sellers want to keep their memory of their house and may not be inclined to hear about your new plans for it.
5. Explain Your Bid: Even if it is lower than the other offers, you can still make your case!

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