6 Farmhouse Wall Décor Ideas

One of the most popular home decorating styles is farmhouse, otherwise known as rural or country. This decorating style is classic, cozy, practical, and full of charm. The farmhouse look incorporates clean lines, wood, light colors, and simple designs.

If you would like your home décor to resemble that of a chic farmhouse in the country, these wall décor ideas are sure to help with that!

  • Wall Mounted Vase

This stunning hanging cylinder vase is attached to the wall. Add some botanical magic to your home with a water-based plant such as Chinese evergreen or Arrowhead. The clean lines of this vase will look good with any existing décor.

  • Shiplap Wall

Shiplap is a type of wood board that is used as siding. The farmhouse look often features wood elements. By adding shiplap to any wall, you add a beautiful rustic look that resembles the side of a ship! Best of all, you can use any wood texture and color you like!

  • Plaid Accent Wall

Plaid is a traditional farmhouse décor staple. You can add plaid wallpaper to any room to create an accent wall. The look doesn’t have to be overwhelming, there are plenty wallpaper designs that are minimal or understated. For a true rural feel, stick to whites, blues, and grays.

  • Sliding Barn Door

This wall décor idea is one of the best ways to truly capture the spirit of the country. This easy to install sliding barn door is red and weathered for traditional elegance. Use to decorate any wall or to separate two rooms.

  • Wooden Dandelion Painting

The classic image of a dandelion blowing in the wind is breathtaking and a must have wall décor item for any farmhouse. This timeless painting is wood based, giving the large painting a soft hue.

  • Farm Window Wall Décor

This faux window is stunning! With a wood border and metal muntin, this wall art will bring charm and architecture to your bare walls. The window is a rustic brown, making it a neutral addition to any room in your home.

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