8 Beautiful Eye-Catching Wallpaper Designs for Your Living Room

Wallpaper has come a long way from the days of garish dark colors and overpowering, opulent designs. You can now find wallpaper in any type of color and design, so you could easily find a style that fits into your desired aesthetic. Even if you live in a rented space, you could use peel-and-stick wallpaper to decorate your space without damaging the wall.

These beautiful wallpaper designs are perfect for your living room, as they will tie the room together and set the mood for the room! Go ahead and personalize your living space even more!

  • White Brick Wallpaper

Love the industrial look of exposed brick? This realistic wallpaper resembles white brick for a stunning upscale look! The detail is in the paint strokes and the minor imperfections of the brick really make this wallpaper unique.

  • Chic Blue and Gold Wallpaper

This deep blue green wallpaper features chic gold geometric lines for a subtle yet eye-catching design. This wallpaper would be a perfect background for your neutral colored living room.

  • Anthriscus Blush Wallpaper

This beautiful blush colored wallpaper has delicate gold silhouettes of Anthriscus plants. This wallpaper will warm up any room and give off an elegant vibe.

  • Teal Colored Bird Wallpaper

Reminiscent of a sophisticated and opulent estate, this teal floral wallpaper features a Chinoiserie bird trail. This wallpaper deign has a subtle shimmer and will make any living room look absolutely regal!

  • Wildflower Wallpaper

This black and white wildflower design is minimal yet no less tasteful. The flowers are thinly drawn for a delicate effect. Designed by Joanna Gaines, this eye-catching wallpaper will delight you!

  • Lilac and Blue Clouds

This colored wallpaper features beautifully soft clouds in shades of lilac and blue. Transport yourself to the heavens with this spectacular design. The subtle colors will warm your walls and create an ethereal look.

  • Grey Concrete Wallpaper

For a modern, industrial look, cover your walls in this stylish wallpaper. This design is perfect for anyone looking for a neutral background that will make their current décor and furnishings pop even more!

  • Lush Tropical Wallpaper

Turn your living room into a tropical paradise with this white wallpaper showcasing a tangle of green tropical leaves. The leaves are made of various green hues and truly pop off the walls!


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