Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Autumn is officially here! Get into the seasonal spirit by decorating your home with these versatile Holiday decorations. These chic décor ideas will look great from Halloween to Thanksgiving. So gather your kids, and set up a craft table. These fun projects are sure to add curb appeal to your lovely home.

  • Make a Pumpkin Planter—By cutting up a pumpkin and adding a potted plant inside, you can create a beautiful harvest decoration. Customize your planter with different sized pumpkins, and colorful florals. Have your kids decorate the pumpkins with sharpies or paint to add flair. Check out the Spruce on how to create this planter.
  • Create a Cornucopia Centerpiece—Bring the fall harvest to your table with a pleasing cornucopia. Cornucopias can be filled and decorated with whatever you desire based on the aesthetic you’re going for. Start by using a weatherproof woven basket or traditional cornucopia, and fill it with autumn vegetables, nuts, dried naturals, shallots, or even silk flowers. The decision is yours! For decorating inspiration, check out this video.
  • Gourd Candleholders—Give your home or outdoor space a seasonal ambiance with gourd candleholders. Gourds are a versatile vegetable, and they’re perfect for decorating. By cutting the tops of some gourds, and hallowing them out, you can create a beautiful candleholder.
  • Line Pathway with Pumpkins—By lining your pathway with assorted seasonal vegetables, you can create a warm, and inviting entrance for your guests. Your home will garner some serious curb appeal with this project. Simply line up various gourds and pumpkins along your pathway or stoop, and lace them together with some vines or ivy.
  • Create a Hay Bale Display—Hay bales can be stacked, and turned into displays for your seasonal decorations. Use them to showcase your family’s carved or painted pumpkins, potted plants, or fall decorative stakes.
  • Create a Seasonal Birdfeeder—You can use a gourd to make a beautiful, seasonal bird feeder. This project would make a lovely addition to your backyard décor. For a step by step guide on how to create a birdfeeder, check out this article.

Decorating for the seasonal holidays doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. These simple, afternoon projects are sure to spruce up your home and wow your guests. Kids can also join in on the decorating fun by adding their own personal touches. So get started today, and make your home the talk of the neighborhood!

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