8 DIY Thanksgiving Day Decorations for Your Dinner Party

The annual holiday to relax with family and dine on incredible food is around the corner, and you may have decided to host this year’s Thanksgiving Day party. Decorating can be one of the best parts of hosting, and these decoration ideas for your party are sure to impress!

There’s no need to spend a lot of money when these 8 decoration ideas are stunning and cost little to nothing. Turn your home into a cozy den of tranquility and comfort.

1.   Apple Candle holders

Want a cool way to display your dining table candles? By cutting a small hole into the center of a few colorful apples, you will have a stunning way to display your tapered candles.

2.   Gratitude Wreath

This stunning brown and white wreath is gorgeous! The stalks of wheat and pearl accents make this gratitude wreath truly eye catching. The cones that surround the wreath are meant to hold small notes of gratitude that can be read after the dinner.

3.   Pumpkin Vase

By simply buying some tall cylinder vases and some tiny pumpkins, you have a stunning array of centerpieces that look chic yet effortless. Or if you prefer a reusable decoration, instead of real pumpkins, use artificial ones.

4.   Flower Cornucopia

The cornucopia is a traditional Thanksgiving Day harvest symbol of plenty that mimics a goat horn. It is usually filled with flowers, fruit, corn, or veggies. This DIY centerpiece is made of crepe paper flowers that are simply gorgeous.

5.   Garland of Pine Cones

Show off that stunning mantle of yours with a Thanksgiving themed garland! Bring the beauty of the outdoors into your living room with a garland of hanging pine cones.

6.   Wheat Cloches

A cloche is a glass cover that is used to protect either food or to showcase décor. In the movie Beauty and the Beast, a cloche is used to cover the enchanted rose. Elevate your dinner table with glass cloches filled with stalks of wheat that are tied with ribbon. This easy DIY decoration looks lovely.

7.   Pumpkin Tealight Candle Holders

By buying a bunch of little pumpkins and some tealight candles, you will have made a wonderful lighted display that friends and family will talk about.

8.   Wheat and Cranberry Vase

Yet another effortless decoration that looks like something you picked up at the store, is a vase filled with cranberries and a bundle of wheat. You just need three items: a tall cylinder vase, wheat, and cranberries. To add even more flair, you could use some decorative trim or ribbon.

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