How to Update Your Home on a Budget

Is your home in need of an upgrade? You could easily update the look of your home without going over budget! Renovations can be expensive, and you may not want the hassle of a long disruptive project.

There are plenty of ways for you to go about changing your current interior or exterior style, either on your own or with some professional help.

  • Repaint Your Home

One of the best and easiest ways to transform the look of your home is to change the paint color–either the interior or the exterior. Add some curb appeal to your home by switching from a muted brown colored home to a lovely cypress green. If the average cost of repainting your exterior (about $2,510) is above your budget, you can simply alter the color of your shutters or your front door! If you love the current look of your home from the outside, change the color of your living room or kitchen to update your home!

  • Replace Exterior Lighting

One easy way tot date a home is to look at the exterior lighting. Instead of trying to rock those out-of-style sconces, switch them out for modern ones! You can easily do this yourself in an hour. There are hundreds of styles, colors, and materials to choose from, so you can easily find lighting options that suit your taste.

  • Change Bathroom/Kitchen Hardware

You can easily replace the hardware of your bathroom or kitchen for a whole new look. Old hardware can get rusty, crusty, and grimy with age, which can age the look of your home. You can switch out the outdated faucets, shower heads, knobs, and towel racks for new glossy chrome hardware.

  • Replace Your Light Switch Plates

The plates that cover your light switches can get grimy and may still be the same ones you had when you first bought the home. By replacing them with different plates, you can change the style of your home and make your home appear newer.

  • Switch Out Your Doors

Antique homes usually have dark stained wooden doors, which some people love, and others hate. Plus, the locks and knobs may jam or be nonfunctional. Changing out your doors can modernize your home and improve your security! The average cost per interior door is about $75 to $125, while exterior doors can range from $500 to $2,000.

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