8 Fabulous Black and White Accent Chairs

black and white chairs

The combination of black and white is striking, and when used on an accent chair the result is timelessly chic!

White symbolizes purity, goodness, and cleanliness. In contrast, black symbolizes mystery, elegance, and authority. The combination is a juxtaposition that takes your interior decor to a new level.

If you are looking for accent chairs that are bold and eye-catching, check out these 8 fabulous options!

  • Retro Striped Armchair

If you want a deep-seated lounger, this black and white piece is stunning. The thin and thick intersecting lines make this accent chair look like a piece of art. The modern Italian shape allows you to recline comfortably and elegantly.  

  • Artistic Swivel Chair

This clean lined swivel chair is white with a whimsical black pattern. Simple black lines are arranged to create artistic faces which adorn the chair. While unassuming from afar, this fabulous black and white accent chair is anything but basic.

  • Black Stone Chair

This bold furniture piece is completely covered in fabric from top to bottom, allowing the black stone pattern to truly shine. The chair is black with white stripes throughout in a mismatched pattern. The wraparound frame provides support and comfort!

  • Upholstered Armchair

This simple upholstered armchair is perfect for any sitting area. The legs are clean black lines and the chair has a classic houndstooth pattern that is effortlessly stylish. This black and white accent chair is perfect for small spaces!

  • Modern Pillow Chair

If you want an ultramodern chair, this accent piece is sure to catch your eye! The frame is black metal with clean parallel lines and the chair is one cozy white pillow. While simple in design, this accent chair is unique and urban inspired.

  • Classic Striped Armchair

When you think of a classic shaped armchair, this high back style comes to mind. The traditional frame style combined with the black and white stripes makes this piece truly elegant. The front facing rolled arms and wooden legs pull the style together.

  • Botanical Barrel Chair

This barrel accent chair has a sophisticated pattern and sturdy design. The black and white fabric showcases silhouettes of birds and various flowers. The flared armrests allow guests to sit comfortably with their arms at ease.

  • Cowhide Chair

Is your home interior design style farmhouse chic? The cowhide pattern of this armchair will help tie together all your farmhouse décor pieces! This comfortable chair has a gorgeous full-back and tapered legs.

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