8 Fall Themed Décor Ideas for Your Kitchen


Could your kitchen use a little more festive décor? Fall is the time for bright, warm colors, delicious apples, comforting aromatic spices, and plump pumpkins!

Celebrate the harvest season in style with these 8 fall-themed décor ideas for your kitchen!

  • Colorful Kitchen Towels

This coordinated pair of kitchen towels feature color-changing leaves with the words “Hello Fall.” Dry your hands and display your love of the autumn season!

  • Pumpkin Patch Bucket

Store your handpicked orchard fruit or display seasonal flowers in this beautiful white galvanized bucket! The words “Pick Your Own Pumpkin Patch” are displayed above the image of a gorgeous decorated pumpkin.

  • Pumpkin Accent Rug

Lay down this beautifully designed accent rug by your kitchen sink to spread seasonal joy! Rows of orange pumpkins are displayed on a white background with “Hello Pumpkin” decoratively scrawled in the corner.

  • Falling Leaves Kitchen Curtains

One of the easiest ways to seasonally decorate your kitchen for fall is to change out the curtains! These fall-themed kitchen decor curtains filter light and feature falling leaves. With various sizes to choose from, you can easily pick the size that fits your window.

  • Pumpkin Cheeseboard

Looking for a festive way to display your artisanal cheese collection? This decorative wooden board is shaped like a pumpkin and even comes with a pumpkin spreading knife! Your guests won’t be able to help but admire your tabletop accent!

  • Harvest Plates

Do you like to display your dinnerware in your kitchen? These lovely fall-themed ceramic plates are stunning! This set of four plates features green and orange pumpkins. Perfectly sized for small entrees and salads!

  • Crocheted Pumpkin Coasters

Support a freelance artist by buying these gorgeous crocheted pumpkin coasters! This cheerful set of four brightly colored coasters are designed to help keep your kitchen surfaces dry in style.

  • Wooden Book Bundle

These wooden books are stacked with the covers displaying the words Pumpkin Spice, Falling Leaves, and Apple Cider. There is a truck displayed atop this stack with a trunk bed full of plump pumpkins!

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