Selling a House When you Live Out of State

Selling a house can be a stressful process, especially if you live out of state. Whether you’ve relocated for work, are handling the estate for a deceased relative, or any other reason, selling a home when living out of state presents a unique challenge.

The goal with an out of state sale is to sell the property in the shortest amount of time, while still managing to get a fair price. Waiting for the right buyer to make you the best possible offer is a luxury that most out of state sellers simply don’t have.

If you’re considering selling your home from out of state, these tips should help you make the process a little easier to manage.

Find the Right Realtor                                          

This is the first, and arguably most important step you should take when selling your home from out of state. Your realtor will be your eyes and ears, and will do the majority of the legwork in selling your home. We can be responsible for everything from lining up potential buyers, handling the open houses, and even checking on the property in your absence.

Selecting the right realtor is important. You’ll want someone who is available and has experience negotiating quick sales. As the #1 realtor in Encinitas, I’ve seen it all, and can help negotiate a fair price.

Choose the Right Price

Because your goal is to sell the home quickly, holding out for the highest price you can get is not recommended. Rather than testing the market with a high price, it’s important to list the home accurately and competitively.

This is where having a talented realtor becomes essential. Have the realtor take a look at the home, and recommend the best price for the sale. You should also ask them how long the think the home will remain on the market compared to other homes at similar price points.

It’s also important to determine ahead of time the lowest price you’d be willing to accept. This can help you save time if you receive a slightly lower-than-listed offer.

Get the Home Move-in Ready

One of the most effective things to do when selling a home from out of state is making it ready for the buyer to move into. Before showing the home, get rid of any clutter and belongings that aren’t necessary for staging the home. This is also the best time to perform any heavy cleaning and home repairs that need to be made.

And don’t forget about addressing cosmetic upgrades. This doesn’t mean renovating the home entirely, but you’d be surprised what some new tiles or a fresh coat of paint can accomplish. Ask your realtor what they recommend upgrading, and it could help you make the sale much faster.

Stage the Home

When buyers come to an open house, they’re usually expecting to see a fully-furnished home. This helps give visual reference to the available space, and makes it easier to picture themselves living in the home. If you were the previous resident of the home, chances are you already moved out your belongings.

Selling an empty house can be tricky. To avoid having buyers looking at a bare home, consider hiring a professional home stager to temporarily furnish the home in your absence. A talented home stager can play to the strengths of the home, and create an appealing design that compliments the space. You may not think it’s worth the cost, but homes that are staged and priced appropriately consistently sell faster than bare, non-staged homes. Your realtor should be able to recommend a quality home stager, and can work with them to prepare the empty home for viewing.


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