8 Holiday Present Wrapping and Topper Ideas

Think you know how to wrap a present? Think again! Rather than just using one type of wrapping paper to cover the box and topping it off with a bow, you could do so much more!

Make your holiday presents stand out under the tree by using one of these crafty gift-wrapping ideas!

  • 3D Poinsettia Present Topper

Instead of using a basic bow to complete the gift, make one of these gorgeous 3D paper poinsettias!  They look stunning and your presents will surely stand out from the crowd.

  • White Snowman

Giving more than one gift to someone? Wrap the boxes in white paper then stack them; place the largest box on the bottom and the smallest on top. Then all you must do is decorate the boxes to look like a lovely snowman! This wrapping idea is sure to delight.

  • Puffy Yarn Pompom

Use a cute little pompom to top off your present! Wrap your present with some colorful patterned yarn to decorate it. Then wrap some yarn around your fingers, tie it off, and cut the loops to easily make a pompom!

  • Emoji Boxes

This present wrapping idea is both hilarious and adorable! Start with yellow gift wrap and then use stock or construction paper to make the features. Stacked together, they make an incredible display that would look darling under any tree.

  • Monogrammed Gift Topper

This absolutely adorable gift topper idea seems hard to execute but it’s rather easy! All you need is some wire and yarn! Using the wire, shape out a curly letter and then wrap it in yarn. You will have made a lovely personalized monogram topper.

  • Simple and Natural Gift Wrap

This present wrapping idea is anything but basic. Wrap your gifts in brown Kraft paper then go into your backyard and look for some pine tree twigs. Use some twine to hold the twigs and bells in place. Simple yet elegant!

  • Paper Straw Toppers

This incredible 3D paper straw topper looks like a stunning holiday star! All you need is striped paper straws and matching twine. In little to no time, your holiday presents will look like mesmerizing!

  • Paper Sequins

This eye catching present wrapping idea is sure to bring a smile to someone’s face. Use a round paper punch to cut various sized circles on stock paper. Then stack the circles in any order and use a needle and thread to string them together. The result is a flashy gift decoration!

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