Eight Awesome Ways to Welcome Spring

Happy Monday all! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Spring has arrived but even if it doesn’t feel like it is spring quite yet where you live, that doesn’t mean you can’t prep yourself and your home for the arrival of spring. Sometimes when you change your surroundings, your mood will be significantly affected. So why not bring spring to you? You can embrace spring by doing these eight different things that will enhance your enjoyment of the arrival of the sun and flowers. Check out some suggestions, given by HGTV, below:

  1. Swap out the heavy throws and bedding for lighter and cooler options that work better with the warmer weather.
  2. Stock up on seasonal drinks which means not buying as much red wine and stouts and, instead, switch to rose and fruity cocktails.
  3. Accessorize with warm weather prints like palm trees and fill your house with brighter colors. Doing this can change the whole feel of the room.
  4. Break out the spring scents. It is time to retire the pine and cinnamon scents and replace them with citrus and fruity scents.
  5. Wake up your windows even if it is not warm enough yet for you to open them up because you can still prep them for sunnier days. You can add screens, dust of the sills, and pick more light weight curtains.
  6. Bring nature inside by placing flowers all around your home. Fresh florals indoors just about scream spring!
  7. Wipe away the grime of winter off your floors especially if you live in a place with snow. Wipe away the ice and snow and salt residue.
  8. Prep your closets for warmer weather by trading out your winter clothes with your spring and summer ones.


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