Should You Buy a Beach House in Solana Beach?

If you’re dreaming of a Solana Beach home for sale, and you’re thinking of making an investment, you will have to consider the advantages and disadvantages. There’s a lot of different things that come into play when your home isn’t just land locked.

Before you take a splash into possibly buying real estate along the Pacific in Solana Beach, take a look at the pros and cons according to an article written in


  • To get away from city life
  • The view and the sound of the ocean
  • Of course the water
  • The beach
  • The laid-back environment

The relaxing aspect of owning a piece of the beach is also a good investment, especially if you plan on making the Solana Beach real estate your permanent residency. It’s essentially like being on vacation every single day. Also it is a good investment to charge rent to tourists for your home in Solana Beach, so you could reap all of the benefits.   


  • Tenants may have to be charged because of damage from storms
  • Flooding and storm damage could also lead to massive repairs that could be costly
  • Fluctuations in the season could impact on when your Solana Beach home and how much people are willing to rent.
  • In the winter months, stores close and tourists need to travel further for recreation and shopping
  • It is hard to build companionship with the neighbors because most of the neighborhood is full of tourists
  • When the summer ends, communities tend to move back to their initial homes

Advice from a Realtor:

To reduce flood and storm damage dangers, talk to an expert about how high the tides rise and move near your home in Solana Beach. Finding out a history of the area that indicates how much damage has come to the area from past storms is a smart decision – which gives a good idea of what the home in Solana Beach will receive for future references.

Hiring a home inspector is a way to figure out what ability your home in Solana Beach will have to withstand the weather.

Usually a perk with a home in Solana Beach is having fresh landscaping on the area like dune grass. Elements like that could provide drainage and offer protection. You have to get the blueprints to your home, because the property lines doesn’t shift like the sand.

Make sure you weigh out your options before you make the move to purchase a beach home in Solana Beach.

By Linda Moore

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