What Happens After You Buy a Home in Encinitas?

No more open houses, no more research and no more endless days of searching for a home in Encinitas, because you’ve found your dream home.

However after you’ve made an offer for the home in Encinitas and closed on it, did you know there are more steps to take? According to realtor.com there are a few more things you need to pay attention to.

One of the most important things involved in your purchase are the papers you need to hold onto when you are trying to establish tax deductions for the year. For the purpose of calculating estate taxes, you will need these papers handy, when you take the time to sell your home in Encinitas.

The utilities are also something you need to check such as water, sewage, gas, electric and oil services. The utility bills are to be paid by the owners the day you close, but you need to transfer the name of these bills into your name. Although this could be tedious, usually this could be taken care of without turning off any of the utilities.

Following the closing of the Encinitas real estate, make sure that you call the local property records, but also confirm that the deed is officially reorded. These records are public notes that display your interest in the property.

The Move-in

When the sellers leave the home in Encinitas, it usually receives a quick broom sweep, which is usually understood by both parties. However this doesn’t mean vacuumed or spotless. The ‘broom clean’ expression is usually code for the house the home is needing painting and to be cleaned.

Your New Home

For most, if not all, a Encinitas real estate will be the largest asset you hold, and you are going to want to protect that asset.

For insurance purposes, many owners will take a photo or video of their possessions and hold onto the records by putting them into a safety deposit box. Your insurance provider could let you know what items to snap a photo of so you could keep it secure.

Liability, fire and theft insurance is also what you should obtain. The coverage could rise as the value of your property increases.

Finally just enjoy your home!

By Linda Moore

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