Are You a Clean Freak?

I found this great article on Houzz that can help you determine exactly how devoted to house cleanliness you actually are. Here are some ways that clean freaks think:

  1. Clean freaks are fit without even working out. They get enough of a workout from cleaning.
  2. Some jobs cannot wait until morning. You absolutely have to do the dishes before bed.
  3. Cleaning products are compelling. They love to try all the new cleaning products and new scents.
  4. Open shelves are dangerous. A clean freak knows that when you have open shelves everything can get very dusty so fast!
  5. Hiring a house cleaner is not an option. People sometimes hire house cleaners when they are particularly stressed. For a clean freak, cleaning is the ultimate destressing tool.
  6. Cleaning trumps refreshments. Lemons are not for lemonade for clean freaks but rather for an eco-friendly cleaner.
  7. Spring is the best time of the year. Not because of the weather…spring cleaning!
  8. There’s cleaning, and then there’s deep cleaning. Cleaning freaks know the difference.
  9. Homemade tools are often the best. From cotton balls to safety pins to sticky notes.
  10. Clean freaks love a party. They are the ones that get to clean up afterwards.


Check out the original article below:

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