Clever Ways to Design a Studio Apartment

It can be really difficult to design an open space like a studio apartment. You ask yourself tons of questions like: how do you separate the living and sleeping spaces? How do you make sure the space is still guest friendly? How do you make the apartment look bigger than it actually is? Well, thankfully, HGTV published an article recently that details several ideas for laying out your studio apartment.

Here are some of the great pieces of advice they give:


1. Create a seating area

If you don’t want guests sitting on your bed every time they come over, you may want to consider creating a little seating area. Even if it is tiny, it will make the space feel much more purposeful.

2. Convert one of your closets

Try turning one of your closets into a work space or a mini office. You can add shelves going up to the ceiling and some rolling drawers under your desk so you don’t lose any storage space either.

3. See-through furniture

Using transparent furniture like wicker, slatted wood, or Lucite will make your apartment appear much bigger than it actually is.

4. Artwork that doubles as storage

You can get wall cabinets that double as artwork on the outside. So, you can get both storage and style in one piece.

5. Embrace large furniture

This can feel counterintuitive but, sometimes, a big sectional sofa can be a great option for studio apartments since, instead of that accent side table, you will get more seating room.

6. Utilize curtains

Curtains can help give you some privacy in the sleeping area of your studio and allow you a way to hide some clutter you may not have time to clean before quests arrive.

7. Use storage as dividers

Shelving units are, also, great wall dividers that you can use to separate your living and sleeping areas while they provide you with extra storage space.

8. Go big with the mirrors

Mirrors are pretty much the oldest trick in the book when it comes to making a room feel much bigger. Feel free to use large or oversized mirrors as decorative pieces for your apartment.

9. Make everything mobile

Put castors on the bottom of all your furniture so you can move each and every piece out of the way if you need to or give them a dual purpose.


Check out the original article for even more information:

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