How to Create a Safe Den for Your Dog

dog on floor

While dogs were bred from wolves thousands of years ago, they still retain some of the same characteristics. Much like their wolf ancestors, dogs are den animals. Dens offer a sense of security for dogs.

While your dog might consider your home his territory, a safe haven may provide refuge when strangers come over, fireworks go off, or even when you are away at work. Creating a den for your dog is simple, see how!

Choosing a Den Space

While a den is a sanctuary for your dog to escape to when he needs space, it should still be located near a high trafficked area. While your dog may want to feel secure in that moment, he still wants to be close to his family. Think about setting up his den near the kitchen or living room.

How to Build a Den

There are many ways to build a den for your dog. You could turn the room under the stairs or an unused closet into a shelter space. Or if you want, you can easily convert a console or small dresser into a den! By integrating the den into your interior design, you can avoid an eyesore!

What to Put in the Den

The safe den should primarily have a dog bed. If you dog likes soft blankets and plush pillows, you can add these as well. You know your dog better than anyone, so consider what he likes and what he finds comforting. Some people like to separate the feeding area from the rest area, but you can keep the bowls nearby for feeding times if you prefer.

How to Organize the Den

Take advantage of the safe den to create a dog station! Get some organization bins or containers to store all your dog’s items. You can keep medication in one bin and his toys in another. If your dog has chewing toys and comfort toys, you can separate them as well. Gather up all the walking essentials like the leash, raincoat, booties, and treat bag and hang them nearby for easy access.

How to Decorate Your Dog Den

After you have taken care of your dog’s basic essentials for the den, you can go wild with decorating! Hang up some string lighting or some framed photos of your pooch.  You can add some curtains if the safe den does not have doors. A machine washable rug laid down can be great for those muddy days.

While a den is very basic, you can make it as decorative or eye-catching as you want! Go ahead and treat your dog to a gorgeous safe den, he deserves it.

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