15 Tips about Painting your Interior in Oceanside

Deciding to paint your home in Oceanside? Well that’s good. Your interior may need some sprucing up or your paint could be chipping. This would be a good move to give your home a revitalized feel, but it could be also a smart decision to make when you are looking to sell your home as well.

According to DIY Network, these are some of the steps you should take to not only paint a good wall, but enable you to paint like a professional.

Primer is first – Don’t skip this process. It’s not only a good surface for the paint, but the real color of the paint you are using truly shines out.

And we’re off: This is the opportunity to show your ability to paint. Make sure you pay attention to each minute detail like using an edge pad for clean lines around door frames, ceiling edges and corners so the walls look pristine.

Stickiness is the key: If you haven’t prepped the wall, the paint will fail to stick. Having a clean surface that is non-glossy has a lot to do with doing the job right.

Gallons: You have to indicate how many gallons it will take to cover your wall. Professionals give the recommendation of covering your wall with one gallon per 400 square feet. If the surface is covered in texture, rough or unprimed, more than one gallon may be necessary.

Don’t paint in a storm: Obviously you’re indoors, but if it does happen to rain, you may want to refrain from painting that day. Water-based paints doesn’t dry when there is moisture in the air.

Sandwich Bags: For each door knob, you should either tape sandwich bags or some other form of plastic around them so you don’t get paint where it’s not supposed to be.

Get rid of the old paint: It’s a good idea to get a paint scraper when you’re getting everything set up, especially if the old paint is peeling. It may take a while, but it could pay off in the end. The smooth surface plus the primer will accentuate your new paint job.

Clean Finish: In a room with heavy traffic, semi-gloss paint is the route to take – because it’s shiny and durable.

Clean Walls: Before you start the job – take the time to wash your walls from the floor up. Professionals recommend to do this so the paint actually sticks.

Drying: Leave it alone when you’re awaiting the paint to dry. If you try to give it a second coat marks could be left on the area.< Dots: It is suggested for Oceanside residents who decide to paint their home to cover the floor. To avoid a lot of frustration, covering the floor is inexpensive and you escape making a mess on your tile, carpet or wood.

Omit the Shine: Paint doesn’t always work well on a surface if it’s glossy. You could always utilize a light grade of sandpaper so the new paint sticks and the gloss is taken off.

Ditch the brush: It seems to be a daunting task when you’re painting even a small room with a paint brush. Turn in the brush, use a paint roller!

Wall Plates: Remember, that before you start, tape up the light switches and electrical outlets. It will look more professional.

Patience: So the paint job is done and all you have to do is wait for it to dry. Following this you could sand smooth, prime and you’ll have a strong enough surface for yourself when painting your home in Oceanside.

By Linda Moore

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