Create a Yoga Sanctuary in Your Own Home

Our everyday lives can be extremely hectic and stressful. Sometimes you just want to escape from it all. The problem is that right when you get home, the craziness just continues. There is always more to do and it can feel like there is never a way to escape it. What if you had a space dedicated to complete and utter relaxation in your home? Wouldn’t that be amazing? We are all aware of the excellent benefits that come from yoga, journaling, and meditation so it’d be a wonderful solution to have your own dedicated spot for yoga that is peaceful and serene. HGTV provides a great article on some of the essentials you will need to make your own little yoga studio possible.

–          Pick a spot in your home and then outfit it with the proper gear

  • A yoga mat
  • Support blocks
  • An essential oil diffusers to emit your favorite fragrances throughout your dedicated spot
  • Mirrors are essential and great for checking your alignment or posture
  • Blanket for support or comfort in meditation

HGTV also includes several great workouts in their article like:

–          A morning wak-up routine

–          A mid-morning refresher you can do at your desk

–          A lunch break for strength and focus

–          An afternoon stretch for at your desk

–          An evening relaxation routine

You can even tour an attic yoga studio, so check out the original article here:

Try your best to squeeze time into your day to visit that sacred space and find peace within your hectic life. Self-care is extremely important to your ability to continue functioning optimally. If yoga isn’t the answer for you then perhaps you can create a crafting space or a reading space. But make sure to create a space that is dedicated solely to you, your self-care, and your relaxation. It is vital to your mental and physical health.

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