Consider Your Health When Picking a Neighborhood

It can be a constant struggle to get healthy as it tends to be all about those small decisions you make every single day. Sadly, it is not as simple as waking up on January 1st and deciding to be healthy. It’s about that decision to take the stairs instead of the elevator one day at work. Or grabbing a banana in the morning rather than sugary cereal. Each day you need to be conscious of the decisions you make to stay active. That is why where you live can have such a big effect on your health and activity habits. The neighborhood you decide to move to could either significantly contribute to the improvement of your overall health or hinder your progress. These are some great tips from Trulia about things you ought to look for and take into consideration when choosing new neighborhood:

  1. Look for sidewalks and bike lanes: you will be much less likely to walk or bike places when it is completely impossible to find safe places to do so without the risk of getting hit by a car.
  2. Don’t underestimate a lush tree canopy: trees have been proven to help contribute to a healthier neighborhood; the beauty and shade of trees encourage outdoor activity.
  3. Look for neighborhoods with greenways, community gardens, and trails: the more access you have to nature, the more often you will get out into nature.
  4. Observe neighborhood social connections and activity levels: if the people that surround you are active then you will be much more likely to follow suit.
  5. Scout out parks, sports courts, and places to play: this will encourage your kids to be active and give free options for exercise that don’t include a gym membership.

Check out the rest of the tips at Trulia’s website:

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