Creating Curb Appeal During Drought

If you live anywhere in California, chances are that most of your casual conversations have been sprinkled with speculations about the drought: “When will we know it’s over?”

The state of California continues to face one of the most severe droughts on record, with 2016 marking its fifth year. Since last June, Californians have put forth an amazing effort to conserve water with real results: water use was reduced by over 25 percent!

Although experts can’t quite say when the drought will finally end (they do know it will have to involve a ridiculous amount of rainfall), those who are planning to put their homes on the market are faced with the difficulty of maintaining a welcoming exterior despite the lack of hydration. Have no fear: here are some great tips for creating curb appeal in the driest of climates.

Turf Grass

The great part about synthetic turf is that there’s very minimal upkeep, and no mowing required! Many Californians have already opted for synthetic lawns to conserve water and improve curb appeal. Just make sure you choose one that meets EPA standards and looks as realistic as possible; many companies sell grasses that come with a realistic moss infill or multi-tone colors.

Low-Maintenance Plants

Native plants are where you’ll want to start the gardening process; plants such as Climbing Penstemon and Lewisias thrive in the California climate and require very little water and maintenance. You may also want to consider succulents, such as sempervivum or sedum, to add a dash of whimsy and complementary textures to your garden.

Use Color to Your Advantage

Lavender is a great example of a plant that adds vibrancy and visibility to a front yard. Here are a few types of plants along with their signature color that should be relatively easy to find:

  • Four O’ Clocks: pink, yellow, and white
  • Daylilies: deep orange
  • Purple Coneflower: pink with magenta center
  • Azalea: red, purple, pink, white
  • Hydrangea: blue, pink, red
  • Beard Tongue: bright purple, blue, purple, yellow


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