Real Estate Advice for Encinitas Homebuyers

Here is another post on tips for buyers of Encinitas homes. This tip may seem odd to some people but is imperative to follow it if you want the house of your dreams. Make sure when you want to speak with the seller to ALWAYS go through your real estate agent, who will then communicate to the seller or the seller’s agent.
This may seem inefficient but this is the way it needs to be done because of a possible miscommunication and because of lack of knowledge of terms could lead to a misunderstanding and a loss of the purchase entirely. There is not only etiquette to follow but laws that could create problems with your lender. Something that seems so innocent and irrelevant can cause huge ramifications to the process of purchasing a house.

Real estate agents, like myself, are also better equipped to handle these communications because it is sometimes hard to know and learn the terminology used with regard to legal aspects of the real estate industry. Real estate agents are also better equipped to see red flags that certain communications or requests to the seller may incur. Agents know all the ins and outs of their industry, you are paying for them to represent you so why would you want to cut them out or do their work for them? They might just help you avoid any and all problems that may come up when buying Encinitas homes.

If you are looking to buy Encinitas homes, remember not to cut out your real estate agent when communicating with the seller of the Encinitas homes, as it could have a negative impact on the sale and could prevent your lender from authorizing fund for sale of your dream home. I will continue to provide helpful real estate tip for Encinitas home buyers, so keep reading my Coldwell Banker Encinitas blog for more real estate advice!

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