Decluttering the Bedroom

alarm clock, Analogue, bedAs part of an on-going series, takes a look at the ways we can declutter our bedrooms to make them less hectic.

Declutter the nightstand

In reality, the only thing that should rest on the top of your nightstand is a lamp. It sets you up for a good night’s sleep without the clutter. If you have a drawer in your nightstand, this is where you can store everything else you might need to prep before bed: sleeping mask, lotions, controllers, retainer, lavender oil. If you have space under the bed, you can use a basket to store any books, magazines, or e-book devices.

Organizing the drawers

The first step to cleaning out the dresser drawers is to pull everything out and go through them. If you haven’t worn something in a year, it’s most likely time to donate it (or, try and sell it if that’s the route you typically take). If something has a stain or needs repairing, create a “to-do” bin to remember to fix it. Finally, throw away any sad underwear or socks, especially if they’ve been missing a pair for a while.

You can use different boxes like shoe boxes to separate items that share a drawer, or take on the habit of standing up folded laundry in a drawer.

The clothes chair

If you have a chair in your bedroom, it’s most likely the clutter chair. It’s home to the rejects from a previous day, or clothes that don’t need to be thrown in the laundry just yet. The best way to avoid this problem other than getting rid of the chair is to actually invest in a rack to specifically throw clothes on. It is probably easier if you have a big closet with room, otherwise you can place it in your bathroom or laundry room.

Making the bed

When you have tons of accent pillows and decorative blankets, making the bed every morning is a task. The best way to keep your bed looking nice without the hassle? Just get rid of all the accent pillows. Keep your sleeping pillows, your comforter, and maybe one or two pillows to throw on.

Storing things under the bed

If you have the room, storing things under the bed can actually help clear up space in places like the closet. Get bins to store and you can use them for seasonal clothes, heavier blankets, beach towels, and extra sheets. As long as that space isn’t becoming a “deal-with-it-later” location where you kick things underneath.

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