Decorating for the Holidays

We are only about a week away from Thanksgiving and I cannot believe how the time has flown. I have already driven past many homes that are decorated for the holidays and some radio stations are playing Christmas music. There is no designated or set time to decorate for the holidays which brings about a lot of diversity. Some people who are crazy for Christmas bring out the tree the moment October 31st turns into November 1st. However, many people positively refuse to even acknowledge Christmas until after Thanksgiving or sometimes not until December 1st. There are some good ways to decorate for the transition so as to compromise between the two extremes. To decorate for the fall to winter transition you can use a foliage heavy wreath and only add more colorful decorations once December rolls around.

The fresh Christmas trees usually go on sale the day following Thanksgiving although other holiday decorations appear on shelves the moment all the Halloween candy is gone. When do you start decorating for Christmas? I would love to hear the general consensus!

I, also, wanted to share a few great budget decorating ideas that are quick DIYs for when you don’t have much free time in your schedule and want to save your money for Christmas shopping. You can use wrapped presents as décor. Even if you haven’t completed your shopping yet, you can wrap empty boxes in such a way that they can be opened later to insert the gifts you buy! If your tree is slightly bare and you don’t want to buy a bunch of extra ornaments, then simply craft some paper ornaments. And if you have the opposite problem with too many ornaments then put a bunch of them in a glass bowl or under a glass jar.

No matter when you decide to decorate or how you decide to decorate, the cheer spread in your home can make a difference in how the season is experienced by you and your family!

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