San Diego Colleges Struggling with Student Housing Crisis

There has been increasing pressure on San Diego universities to provide more student housing with the current market’s rising rent and home prices. It has gotten so bad that UC San Diego has a 2,500-person waiting list for graduate school housing. Students really don’t want to have to commute so it is a major challenge to find enough room for everyone especially when close by off-campus housing is so scarce. San Diego State University wants to increase its on-campus population because graduation rates and GPA rates all improve with at least a year of living on campus. In addition to the benefits, many students simply cannot afford to live off-campus without substantial assistance because, as I have been reporting regularly, the rental costs have been skyrocketing in San Diego.

Many colleges have been considering private developers and even partnering with privately owned apartment complexes near campus. This is obviously a big opportunity for developers who have not been getting quite as many opportunities because of some of the roadblocks in the way.

I believe it is a very valuable experience for students to live on campus so I hope something can be done to make that possible for anyone who wants that for themselves.

Check out the article from the San Diego Union-Tribune below:

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