The Detox Series: Detox and Declutter Your Home

Today, we have the second half of our detox and declutter series in which we will be discussing on how you might rid the “toxins” from your home just like you might from your body with a detox. As for Wednesday’s article…did any of you try a short detox for a day or two? How do you feel better? Do you feel refreshed? I sure do.

I consulted MindBodyGreen again for some great articles on how you can detox your living space like you can your body. I found so great tips including how to go about a cleanup when toxins are your main focus and how to rid your home of stress and make it a safe and comforting place.

These are the awesome tips they gave for detoxing your home for optimal well-being:

  1. Leave your shoes at the front door as they can carry loads of bacteria that you don’t want to bring straight into your home.
  2. Tend to your sponges and dish rags which means you ought to regularly deep clean them or replace them after every month or so.
  3. Disinfect all the most touchable and used items like electronics around the house.
  4. Create more healthy air by including plants in your home that can produce more fresh oxygen.
  5. Completely detox your fridge since it is the perfect breeding ground for germs like listeria and E. coli.

And, follow these basic principles to keep your home free from the toxicity of stress and anxiety:

  • When you first enter your home, try not to run to the TV or the fridge.
  • Try to remember that all that matters is the present moment.
  • Realize the profound comfort in the word “maybe”.
  • Commit to activities you enjoy, and do them.
  • Clear the clutter.
  • Try a mantra, remember that our mental space affects our physical space.

For more information on each of these basic principles and practical tips to make them happen in your life, check out the original article here:

To read up a bit more on cleaning up your home then check out the original article for that as well:

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