Most Extravagant Homes for Sale in the US

It is Friday and we have made it to the weekend! Thank goodness!!! I have a fun article today that will be you envious of the rich and famous. These are some of the most expensive and extravagant mega-mansions, penthouses, and condos that are on sale now:

  • An 8,000-square-foot condominium at the fabulous 432 Park Avenue in New York is going for a whopping 82 million.
  • The 84.5 million dollar six-story mansion in the Upper East Side is the pinnacle of decadence. It has a temperature controlled room for storing fur coats.
  • An estate with 13 bedrooms and 35 bathrooms in Long Island is going for 85 million and looks straight out of The Great Gatsby.
  • You can pay 95 million for your own private island. In the Florida Keys is a three bedroom, four-bathroom house that sits on the 26-acre Pumpkin Key.
  • The largest existing original apartment on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan is currently on the market for 96 million.
  • And the Versailles-inspired Le Palais Royal has an underground lair that has an ice skating rink and a go-kart track is going for an unbelievable price of 159 million!


Check out all the pictures here:

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