DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids and Adults

Today is Valentine’s Day. How many of you forgot? It is a common occurrence for husbands, wives, and parents to wake up on February the 14th to the stomach-dropping realization that they have not prepared a gift for their spouse or valentines for their child to bring to school. I have been there. So here are a few ideas for quick, do-it-yourself valentine’s gifts and crafts for kids that you can gather up in a jiffy this morning or afternoon. It’s never too late!

  • Have your kids make some homemade candy necklaces for their friends. These are super easy and quick but kids still love them.
  • Sew some patterned fabric on a heart shaped pillow!
  • Make a mini art piece with string art. The supplies are minimal, requiring only string, a board, and nails or thumbtacks.
  • Handmade decorated champagne flutes using glitter or other craft materials.
  • Etched wine glasses for you and your valentine with pet names, inside jokes, or cute phrases on them.
  • Have your kids hand out heart shaped play dough to their classmates as the perfect twist on classic valentines.
  • “His” and “Her” throw pillows!
  • Hand dyed bouquet of flowers so you can be original.
  • A gorgeous doily dream catcher.


Get all the tutorials for these DIY items here:

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