Morning and Evening Routines for Sucess

Starting your day the right way and ending it the right way are positively vital to being in the right headspace all throughout the day. I know my morning and evening routines allow me to stay present throughout the day and always be there for my clients when they need me. I work hard to be on call constantly for my clients. I am never unavailable. I am able to do this without going positively insane because of my morning and evening routines that allow me to have a few moments to myself in order to reflect on my day. Apartment Therapy did an article on morning and evening routines by interviewing successful women on what they end up doing to get ready for the day and wind down before bed. They interviewed Lee Tilghman, Natalie Dettmer, and Danielle Levy and this is what they had to say for their morning and evening routines:

Lee Tilghman –

Morning: She wakes at 6am and starts the day with some hot water and lemon. She sips that while sitting with herself for ten minutes or so. She then works out and showers. Grabbing a healthy smoothie and a Matcha tea before heading to work.

Evening: Right when she arrives home, she journals or meditates or takes a walk before dinner. She eats around 6:30 and has a chill hour after dinner with a friend, scrolling Instagram, or by taking a bath. She usually goes to bed around 9:30 or 10pm every night.

Natalie Dettmer –

Morning: She wakes with a good cup of coffee which she makes using a slow pour over so that she can focus on her breath a little bit. She then meditates before heading to work.

Evening: When she comes home, she puts some lavender oil on her feet to calm down from the day. She then has a cup of tea or whiskey if it’s been a particularly long day while she reads a chapter of a favorite book.

Danielle Levy –

Morning: An early riser, she naturally wakes up around 5:30am and eats breakfast straight away. She works for a few hours as her peak mental focus time is early in the morning. Then she takes a walk or a run at around 8 or 9am.

Evening: During the winter months, she loves taking a hot bath before bed. But during the warm months of summer, she loves to sit out on her balcony with a cup of tea.


To learn a little bit more and to brainstorm on how best to create your morning and evening routines, check in at the original article at the link below:

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