Interior Decorating for Your Brand New Home: Do’s and Don’ts

Owning a new home is one of the most exciting things in the world. There are so many empty rooms that you have control over. You can decide what furniture you place where and what you hang on each and every blank wall. According to a great post in, however, this overeager disposition can cause you to make some big mistakes when decorating your brand new home.


Mistake #1: “Buying everything at once”

Of course you want to make your new house as homey as possible and as quickly as possible but don’t go on a huge shopping spree right away to furnish and decorate every single room at once. Instead focus on large and necessary furnishing first then go room by room individually to decorate it to your liking. The key is to be intentional and to have patience.

Mistake #2: “Decorating around a legacy piece”

Don’t be confined by that huge antique desk or other previously acquired unique piece. You must be able to decorate how you wish so move that stylistically constricting piece to the bedroom instead. Or if you must just give it away.

Mistake #3: “Trusting your ‘eye’ rather than a tape measure”

Always use a tape measure when picking out new furniture. You cannot trust your ‘eye’ alone because you need to not only know if it fits but also how it will look dimensionally in the architecture of your house.

Mistake #4: “Cramming rooms like a clown car”

Empty space is not something to be afraid of and neither is blank wall space. These things can cause a sleek and clean look which avoids the look of an over-busy and cluttered space.

Mistake #5: “Looking like a page from a catalog or décor mag”

Sometimes it is better to mix styles rather than trying to imitate an exact style you saw on HGTV. Your home should be personalized to who you are and reflect your complex uniqueness. So please do not be afraid to pair vintage furnishings or décor with brand new ones.


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