What Makes Encinitas Such a Great Place to Live?

Encinitas stands out from other cities in many significant, positive ways. Here’s why:

The unemployment rate keeps getting lower

California’s Employment Development Department recently announced that a year ago, San Diego County’s unemployment rate was at 6.6 percent. As of last month, it has dropped to a low 5.1 percent and is expected to continue decreasing.

Over the past year, over 42,000 jobs were added in the region, 80 percent of which were accounted for by the professional, scientific, and technical services sectors. Between July and August alone, San Diego County gained 1,700 jobs—a number which doesn’t even include agricultural employment.

Low crime rates, high education levels

As of last year, there were only 2.14 annual violent crimes reported per 1,000 Encinitas residents—compared to the state of California’s score of 4.02, more than double the rate.

In Encinitas, 91.6 percent of residents have completed high school compared to the national average of 81.8 percent; 80.9 percent of Encinitas residents have completed some college, while nationally only 57.5 percent have done so.

They’re environmentally-conscious

In June, the Encinitas City Council approved a one-year trial period for maintaining a public park without the use of pesticides; if successful, the city would adopt the concept in all or most Encinitas parks. So far, Glen Park has been kept clean and chemical-free! And just a few weeks ago, a grove of trees was planted in the park to provide free fruit for the community: the Barth Fruit Forest was named after former mayor Teresa Barth in honor of her love for the environment.

Earlier this month, the second phase of the Encinitas Bag Ban took place, an ordinance that prohibits single-use plastic bags in any establishment selling merchandise in order to prevent marine debris and promote environmental consciousness in the community. Businesses are instead encourage to provide paper bags made from post-consumer recycled materials or reusable bags that consumers can buy.

The weather is almost always pleasant

The average high temperature is 70 degrees, and the average low is 56 degrees.

Even in the coldest month, January, the average low is a tolerable 45 degrees—and the hottest month, August, sees an average high of 84 degrees.

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