Prep Your Encinitas Home for an Open House

Looking to sell your Encinitas real estate with an open house? Follow these tips from an Encinitas Realtor to prep your Encinitas real estate for sale.

This weekend is 2013Nationwide Open House Weekend and if you plan on participating you will want some tips to properly prep your home. Here are the top 5 suggestions from a Realtor in Encinitas.

  1. Depersonalize Your Home – For several reasons it is a good idea to put away your more personal items such as photos and sentimental objects; you won’t want people to look through your personal objects and you don’t want them distracted by the items when they should be looking at the home and what it has to offer them. Making your home as blank of a slate as possible so that potential homebuyers can picture themselves in your home is imperative.
  2. Avoid Clutter – In order to clean up your home for sale in Encinitas for viewing you may be tempted to cram everything into closets or attic space, but serious homebuyers will want to see these areas and the last thing you want is clutter pouring out of the closet when they go to take a look. They will want to see that your home has all of the space that they need so making sure there is no clutter is essential.
  3. Add a Feeling of Warmth – From scented candles to fresh flowers and colorful pillows to baking bread or cookies or fruit in the fruit bowl will make your real estate feel like a home, giving the perfect balance between being depersonalized yet still lived in.
  4. Illumination – Keeping your house bright and illuminated by cleaning the windows and maximizing the potential for sunlight will help sell the home. Making sure that all light bulbs in the house function and all curtains and shades are open will help with brightening up the home.
  5. Use the Day for a Vacation – Instead of hovering around your home while your Realtor in Encinitas shows it, you can take the day and relax, making it a day trip and rewarding yourself for all of the hard work you put into prepping your home for sale.

As an Encinitas Realtor I can help you with more tips on prepping your home for sale, so give me a call today to get your home listed and ready for sale at 760-310-0234.

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