Encinitas Schools Unite For Science

Ocean Knoll Elementary and UC San Diego have teamed up through a grant from the National Science Foundation to help both school’s students apply hands-on learning.

Unfortunately due to state budget cutbacks a lot of the scientific experiments that many of us grew up with and learned from are now luxury items (think making a bubbling volcano or a potato lightbulb). In the partnership between Ocean Knoll Elementary and UC San Diego’s BioCircuits Institute, elementary students are being afforded the ability to learn from hands-on science projects that teach them about potential and kinetic energy using marbles and pool toys, or by building a building in a team to see if it can survive an earthquake.

Once a week 7 graduate students visit 3rd through 6th grade science classes and help the students learn through application, which excites the students and encourages learning. It also helps the graduate students fell a part of the community in which they are conducting their research. Teachers as well benefit from this as well, as the graduate students come up with a curriculum that meets state standards that can be passed on to the teachers for future use in their classrooms. This initiative has been such a success that plans for expansion to other schools in San Diego County are already being discussed.

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