Oceanside Surfing and Learning

Oceanside offers its residents easy access to the ocean as well as excellent schools for its children, among many other benefits to living in the area. One of the amazing programs that Oceanside has combines both the ocean and education.

On Monday, students from the Training Education Research and Innovation’s Country School – which serves students in the San Diego area that have autism as well as other mild to moderate social and learning disabilities – went to the beach for the day and learned how to surf from instructors of the Surfin Fire surf school.

This is now the fifth year that this activity has occurred through the partnership between TERI and Surfin Fire. The 27 students that participated on Monday are highly functioning, while about 40 students with more pronounced cases of autism will participate in the same event in June. This gives children the opportunity to interact and learn in something outside of regular school work and have a bit of fun as well.

It is programs such as these that make living in the San Diego area so beneficial for residents. This area is a very special place and that is why I am not only proud to call myself an Encinitas Realtor, but also a proud resident of the area as well.

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