Things to Do in Encinitas – Spa Relaxation!

Choosing to spend your free time taking part in a physical activity offers plenty of rewarding benefits. Regular exercise has the potential of slowing down the aging process as well as allowing for the release of critical endorphins responsible for positive mood and a healthy overall outlook on life. It is easy to beat yourself up for choosing the movie theater over the gym, but you must keep in mind that it is also necessary to dedicate a portion of your time to relaxation! Make it a point to read a book, knit, or garden every once in a while. If you are looking for some serious stress relief you should spend an afternoon or evening at a local spa!

The LemonGrass salon and spa is a remarkably professional local full service spa. Their staff offers some of the best hair care, massages, facials, and waxing services in the area. They are not limited to catering to women either; they offer hair care for men and children as well. Whether you want to take your child in for a  trim or you want a full re coloring, they can help you. Of course, they offer more than haircare – they are a state of the art salon!

If you are looking for a unique experience I recommend that you look into their offered ‘reconnective healing,’ which is a very interesting and unique light therapy offered by LemonGrass. They also offer plenty of massage options including deep tissue massages, partial massages, and even chakra massages. No matter your choice, you are guaranteed to experience utmost relaxation and a giant burst of energy. Also, do not hesitate to bring along friends. They will thank you!

If you want to share your spa experience with friends or co workers, you have the option of reserving LemonGrass’s services for a private party. You will receive a party featuring different stations lasting thirty minutes. There are also different packages that I recommend looking into.

LemonGrass is located on 910 Second Street, not too far from your home in Encinitas!

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