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There is so much sunshine in Encinitas that I feel like am running out of things to do! I don’t think that can be said for too many places in the country! Anyways, I wanted to share a great service that I have known about for some time. is a truly remarkable service that enables people with shared interests to organize meetings and discussions! Through MeetUp, you have the opportunity to get to know plenty of new and amazing people with homes in Encinitas as well as the rest of the country! Whether you want to meet people that love gardening, cooking, yoga, or playing piano, you will be able to find a group to join. If there is not already a group matching your particular hobby, you can  start your own! The organizers of MeetUp groups pick the times, location, and topics of discussions.

One really cool group that meets regularly is the San Diego Men and Women Cooking & Dining Meetup. As the name suggests, this meet up is great for both men and women. They last about a couple of hours and each meeting offers you the chance to hear and exchange awesome cooking suggestions. It does not matter if you are a beginner cook or are an experienced five star chef, attending such a meeting can be of great use! Just as every other meet up, everyone possesses a great attitude and is willing to help.

Another neat group is One Love Yoga, a donation only yoga group with the intent of bringing the benefits of yoga to everybody. As you may already know, yoga can be very beneficial to your physical, mental, and spiritual well being. The organizers of One Love Yoga  have caught on to this notion and are willing to spread its wonders to people from all walks of life. A donation is suggested but not mandatory. Check the link for more information!

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