Encinitas Training Classes For First Aid & CPR

You hear the stories all the time about people who save another person’s life because they’re trained in CPR or some other type of first aid. If you feel like it’s important to know what to do in the event of an emergency, there are plenty of first aid instructional classes to take in Encinitas and Carlsbad to sharpen your skills or learn completely new skills on how to minimize the amount of danger in an emergency. Maybe you’d like to know CPR if your Encinitas house or Carlsbad house has a pool in the backyard, or you want to know how to treat a broken bone if you have active kids running around the neighborhood. Give one of these companies a call in the area to learn what to do in case emergency strikes you or someone you know.

Express Companies
(760) 633-0111

This first aid company right in Encinitas was established in 1993 to offer CPR and Safety Training at half the time, for half the price, and twice the fun! Their Team Members will not only train you in what to do in the event of an emergency, but you’ll have fun learning with them as well. Go yourself to learn the latest techniques in CPR and first aid, bring the family with to learn all together, or set up a companywide training course for everyone in your business to learn. They also sell first aid supplies as well, so if you’re looking for reliable, inexpensive, and greatly affective CPR and first aid training, Express Companies is right around the corner from your Encinitas home, so call now to set an appointment for your class to know what to do in case of an emergency.

American CPR Training
(760) 931-4855

American CPR Training, or ACT, is America’s favorite CPR training company. Whether you’re looking for a quick lesson in CPR, need to know basic first aid skills, or are a company owner looking for safety training, then you’ve come to the right spot. They have individual, industry specific courses designed for corporate training, but you receive hands-on training as if the class was designed just for your company. Professional training mannequins, CPR mouth barriers, safety training videos, and first aid kits are available as well at their convenient Carlsbad location so it’s not too far away from your house in Encinitas or your house in Carlsbad. Contact American CPR Training for information about classes or products today.

Breath of Life CPR & First Aid
(760) 631-2179

This class is perfect for anyone who owns a pool at their Encinitas house or Carlsbad house and would like to know everything there is to know about CPR. The instructors are patient because they know that everyone learns at a different rate, so this class is perfect for new beginners and experienced veterans alike. Breath of Life CPR & First Aid is located in Vista, and you can sign up for one of their classes or private lessons for you and your family. Don’t be lost when danger strikes all of a sudden. Call Breath of Life CPR & First Aid today and know what to do to keep your family safe around your pool.

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