Gift-Wrapping Hacks

Not all of us can be that magical friend or family member who can wrap presents with ease and curl presents just right. No matter how bad you are at wrapping presents, you are running out of time to get all those gifts ready for giving on Christmas morning. Here are some tips for those of us who don’t have nimble fingers:

  • Use the candy wrapper method for smaller gifts because they are way too difficult to wrap in the usual way.
  • Use old Pringles cans for homemade cookies or other stocking stuffers.
  • Use special Japanese methods to utilize old fabric as wrapping instead of the traditional paper.
  • Make gift bags out of wrapping paper with or without handles. The link below has easy tutorials.
  • Use a toilet paper roll to give something squishy shape to that the wrapping process is easier.
  • Use a vintage map as wrapping paper for your friends who love to travel.
  • Make normal paper fancier with stamp polka dots.


Check out the article here for specific directions on how to do these hacks:

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